Flow Control With Slots

Flow control is used to regulate the flow of water from the roof where storm water flow rates are restricted by municipal regulation

Flow control are placed inside the strainer, which holds them in position.

NRS’s flow control is only used for Flip Top Dome drain system.


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Flow Control With Slots Section detail:

1.Seamless Spun Aluminum Flow control.
2.Front Cover Lid
3.5/16” screw
4.Wing nut
5.Inner Cover Lid
6.Ruler Height Sticker

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Section Detail:

  1. Flow Control Unit
  2. Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Strainer With Integral Clamping Ring
  3. Aluminum Mounting Studs Welded to Deck Flange
  4. Roof Gravel
  5. Built Up Roofing Assembly
  6. Thermal Barrier
  7. Mineral Wool
  8. 2 MM (0.80″) THK Sealess Spun Aluminum Deck Flange With Integral Outlet Aluminum Pipe

Flow-control-with-slots-section-detail Flow-Control-Unit-Section-Detail






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