Metal Roof Breather

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  • This breather vent has been specifically designed for flat roofs, providing a secure addition to your roof’s ventilation system.
  • This will prevent the possible build up of condensation and water vapour that can occur in EPDM-based flat roofs that don’t incorporate ventilation into their designs.
  • Made from high quality materials, this vent has been designed to blend in with your roof, minimising the effect on the visual appearance.
  • It has been designed to endure tough weather and temperature conditions, resulting in a product with an impressive lifespan and a robust design.
Download Roof Breather Catalogue
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Download Roof Breather Catalogue

Section Detail:

  • Metal Roof Breather
  • Vent Pipe
  • Roof Gravel
  • Set Base Flange in A Layer of Plastic Cement
  • Felt Flashing
  • Built Up Roofing Assembly
  • Thermal Barrier

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Download Roof Breather Catalogue


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