Roof Drain Seals

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Roof Drain Seal is used to seal a retrofit roof drain to an existing drain pipe rapidly and efficiently.



Seals are made with tough nylon flanges and stainless steel screws that provide the necessary strength torque to compress the EPDM rubber gasket.

The flexible rubber is expanded by tightening the internal stainless steel screws thereby stopping water leakage at the connection in the event of water backup in the drain.

Tough nylon flanges and 4 stainless steel screws provide the necessary strength to prevent “spinning” seal during installation.

Available in 3″, 4″, 5″, and 6″ sizes.

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  • ROOF DRAIN SEALS—U-flow Seal 3”
  • ROOF DRAIN SEALS—U-flow Seal 4”
  • ROOF DRAIN SEALS—U-flow Seal 6”


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